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PHYTOsolution is your competent partner for innovative, economic concepts in plant nutrition, plant strengthening and stress prevention. We offer a well-rounded product range of leaf fertilizers and liquid soil fertilizers as well as tailor made solutions. Based on  LEAF ANALYSIS results and prior in-depth technical advice and assistance, we help to solve your problems.
Our leaf fertilizers and liquid soil fertilizers are for conventional agriculture and most of them can be used for organic farming without problems also.
In view of the changed, more restrictive EU plant health direction line and the associated questions for adequate plant health this is an unique feature of our products.

To strengthen and nourish your plants with PHYTOsolution fertilizers, based on upstream LEAF ANALYSIS, will help you quickly and accurately to bring your plants in the nutrient optimum, making it robust to maintain the yield and to improve the quality - in every culture and every form of cultivation.

Our complete English catalogue can be downloaded here (or ordered by email: info@phytosolution.de)

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Vorhaben im Rahmen der Europäischen Innovationspartner-

schaft "Landwirtschaftliche Produktivität und Nachhaltigkeit“ (EIP-AGRI) genehmigt – Ackerbauern in Sachsen-Anhalt zum Mitmachen bei Pflanzenanalysen gesucht!

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ASKAPHY® - Fungizid gegen Falschen Mehltau (Plasmopara viticola) in der Weinrebe

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PHYTOsolution bietet einen eigenen Pflanzen- und Wasseranalysen

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